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Statistics Last updated on 2018-09-01

Recent Changes:

1.2.3 on 2018-09-01
Periodic network data updates for ghcn ish.
1.2.2 on 2018-08-02
Periodic network data updates for ghcn.
1.2.1 on 2018-07-19
Updated NIWS sites added in 2015 to match sties added eariler. Metadata was updated for sites with siteid 15693 to 15708
1.2.0 on 2017-04-21
Added ADNR AHS, CALON, USGS NWIS(15min) and NPS data, and updated summaries to included them. Updated summaries to included BOEM network. Added 15 min water temperature summary. Changed large aggregate tables, and some summaries, to materialized views. Fixed magnitude of RWIS precip data. Fixed site 11126 location. Updated TFS (source 145) contact information.
1.1 on 2015-05-19
Contains data for the entire state of Alaska. New sources were added, as well as new parameters. Network names were updated
1.0 on 2014-07-07
Contains data 62 and north for NCDC ISH and GHCN. SNOTEL, RAWS, Snow Course were updated to include the entire state of Alaska. Locked changes are for the source data. Summaries are not locked and will be updated or created as needed.