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The Imiq Hydroclimate Database

The Imiq Hydroclimate database houses hydrologic, climatologic, and soils data collected in Alaska and Western Canada from the early 1900s to the present. This database unifies and preserves numerous data collections that have, until now, been stored in field notebooks, on desktop computers, as well as in disparate databases. Synthesizing and analyzing the large-scale hydroclimate characteristics of this important climatic region have been made easier with this searchable database. Data is made accessible via the Imiq API.

Imiq API

The Imiq application programming interface (API) provides access to the database for users and developers to create their own tools for retriving data. The Imiq Map is built on top of the API.

Data Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Data have not been subjected to QA/QC after receipt from the source, except for broad, variable-specific thresholds. Data may have been altered from their original form as part of normalization into the database and any data flagged by their source as questionable were omitted. Please examine the documentation automatically downloaded with the data and use data at your own risk.

How to Cite the Data

Please cite both the data originator and the Imiq Data Portal. In many cases, data may be changed from their original units or averaged across time periods. The metadata pertaining to the originator will be downloaded with the data. The Imiq Data Portal should be cited as:

Cherry, Jessica, Amy Jacobs, Tom Heinrichs, Will Fisher, Jennifer Delamere, Cheryl Haase, Philip Martin, Josh Bradley, Jennifer Jenkins, Jess Grunblatt, Greg Balogh, Rawser Spicer, Jason Grimes. Imiq Hydroclimate Database at the University of Alaska Fairbanks., accessed on [Date accessed].

Project Partners

Construction of the Imiq Hydroclimate Database and the Imiq Data Portal was funded by the Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Development of the Imiq Data Portal was funded by the Arctic LCC and the North Slope Science Initiative and implemented by the Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA). Data were contributed from many agencies and investigator-driven research projects.

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